Triangle Publishing are situated right in the middle of the former South Lancashire Coalfield and most of our publications have been devoted to transport modes within this area. Today, few indications of the mining activity that was virtually at the end of every street remains. Likewise, most of the railway routes built to serve these mines have also succumbed to closure and many alive today will recall the tramways and trolleybuses which also meandered their way around South Lancashire.

It is through the pages of our publications that the reader will gain an insight into the intense activity of the region which was at the very heart of a heavily industrialised area, an area that can trace its birth to the very beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Further information about each publication may be obtained by calling on 01942/677919 or send an e-mail to

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The Leigh Model Railway Exhibition held at St. Joseph's Hall Leigh on the 24th & 25th September 2016 was a great success.
Author Dennis Sweeney's 00 gauge model railway depicting Tyldesley Station and associated bridges, cuttings etc, attracted
many comments, the most common being where does he keep it? Some people, the younger ones obviously, did not know that
Tyldesley once had a station as it is now over 50 years since it closed so it was a pleasure to enlighten and explain exactly where it was
located and to point out the landmarks and features on the route which are long gone.

Those pics and movies that are now seen on the website were taken by my grandsons Michael and Matthew with their
mobile phones. I think they're great.'
Thanks to all who came along. Dennis.